Hussong's 100% Agave Tequila

Enjoy the Spirit of Baja with Hussong’s Tequila! The family has expanded and all four members are now available for your sipping enjoyment. The unique flavor profiles of each of these four tequilas are sure to appeal to a wide variety of tequila connoisseurs.





Our Story

It all began in 1892, in the oldest and best-known cantina in Ensenada, Mexico, where Juan Hussong served his own handmade tequila and the classic margarita is rumored to have made its first known appearance. Over 120 years later, Hussong’s Tequila carries on the rich history and legacy of the Hussong family name.

Hussong's Cocktail Recipes

Enjoy classic tequila cocktail recipes with a hand-crafted twist. Choose your favorite Hussong’s Tequila and add it to any of our signature cocktail offerings.

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