It all began in 1892 when Juan Hussong served his own hand-made tequila in a remote cantina in Ensenada, Mexico. Today, Ricardo Hussong continues to build upon his family legacy with locations in both Ensada and Las Vegas.

With its delicate aroma and smooth, rich taste, flavor is our top priority. Hussong’s is bottled by hand in jugs and cork sealed to protect its remarkable taste and put the spirit of baja in every jug.

Hussong’s Reposado

Hussong’s Reposado tequila is a 100% agave tequila that has been aged 5 months in bourbon barrels to give it a complex flavor and delicate aroma.

Hussong’s Platinum

Hussong’s Platinum tequila is the perfect combination of age and beauty. Aged in bourbon barrels for 15 months, then filtered to give it a crystal clear appearance.

It all begins with the Agave plant. After being grown for several years, the Agave is harvested by a Jimador using a sharp bladed Coa. The Jimador will trim the 200+ leaves that protect the heart of the agave (piña) to extract it from the ground. The piña is the only part of the plant that is used in the making of tequila. Approximately 15 pounds of piña are needed to produce one liter of tequila.

The piñas are cooked using a steam injection process which softens the piñas and allows for the extraction of fermentable sugars from the agave hearts. 

It takes about 15 pounds of piñas to produce enough fermentable sugars to create one liter of delicious Hussong’s Tequila. 

Once cooked, the piñas are transported to the milling area to begin the sugar extraction. 

The piñas are crushed using a grinding wheel which separates the fibers from the juices. Once piñas are minced, they are washed with water and strained to remove all the juices. 

During the fermentation process, the extracted sugars are transformed into alcohol. Yeast is added to accelerate and control the process. Fermentation typically takes seven to twelve days. 

The fermented mixture is then pumped into the still, where the distillation process can begin. 

Tequila is distilled in stainless steel stills, and goes through the distilling process twice. 

The first distillation yields an alcohol that is approximately 40 proof, and the second distillation ups that to around 110 proof. 

We know what you’re thinking… you age tequila? The answer is yes! 

Hussong’s Tequila is aged in oak barrels, previously used for aging bourbon. Our Reposado s aged for 5 months, whole our Platinum is aged for 15 months then filtered to give it its crystal clear appearance. 

Hussong’s Tequila is bottled by hand in clay jugs, then cork sealed to protect its remarkable taste.

This process allows us to capture the spirit of Baja in every jug! 

We’ve all been there… one long night with one too many shots of cheap tequila that leaves you swearing “NEVER again!” the next morning. We are here to tell you to give tequila another chance. Hussong’s Reposado and Añejo tequilas are distilled and aged to show that tequila can be more than a bad memory, but a smooth, complex favorite (with a hint of the bite you love).

So pick up a bottle of Hussong’s Tequila and Expand Your Borders!